2021 Champions


The most certain way for people to bring hope, help, meaning, and joy to their own lives is by reaching out and bringing hope, help, meaning, and joy to the lives of others.

Committed to the safety of everyone who travels I-90 and first responders.
Thank you!

Champion for our
First Responders caring for you.
Thank you!

Investing in our First Responders training and safety. Thank you!Committed to making a difference in
helping others. Thank you!
Caring for their clients and community safety. Thank You! Protecting First Responders when the unforeseen happens, keeping them safe when power poles go down.  Thank you!

Caring for all your customers. Thank you!


Supporting Life Supports Advocacy in Saving Lives. Beautiful Venue – Extraordinary Service
Thank you!
Unionville Ranch – Dr. Patricia Galloway
For over a decade,
lead donor and board member of
Life Support. Thank you!

You keep our Spirits bright.
Thank You!
Thank you for your in-kind
website contribution!
Yakama Cares – Protecting the people who travel and enjoy the lands.

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