"Traveling Interstate 90 is a beautiful evergreen experience. However, on this most dangerous stretch of the state's major east-west corridor... the medical response capacity is limited."

Life Support

COVID-19 — Life Support sends our thanks and appreciation to those on the front lines of our healthcare and first responder system. We send our gratitude and appreciate those who are working to provide essential services. Also, with a heart of compassion, Life Support is thinking of those who have lost loved ones.

We Must Be Prepared

What happens when…
… a major accident occurs
… accidents happen simultaneously
… you need the nearest trauma center
… I-90, I-82 or Blewett Pass closes
… an airlift cannot fly due to weather
… you need medical care

Life Support is a volunteer organization dedicated to raising the necessary funds to strengthen Emergency Medical Services (EMS) within Upper Kittitas County. The fire and EMS infrastructure must advance now. Recreational use is growing at an alarming rate that will only serve to add more limitations to an already underserved area.

The four distinct seasons, enjoyed by the residents that live here, attract over 1 million visitors annually. In addition to those who come to “play,” 10 million people annually travel this stretch of I-90 en-route to other destinations each year.

A Vast Response Area: 
80% of the Upper County is publicly held by federal and state agencies. That land, while providing the rich views and recreational opportunities that make the area so desirable, contributes no tax base to Fire and EMS.

Critical Need

There are 126 square miles of response area that Upper Kittitas County Fire District 7 provides coverage. This response area includes portions of I-90, adjacent communities, Suncadia, and recreational areas along with the remainder of the county north towards Blewett Pass. In addition to mutual aid response for other fire districts. Based on call volumes and activity Upper County Kittitas Fire District 7 is a substantial and diversified agency covering a multitude of different environments. They handle everything from motor vehicle accidents, major wildland fires to the specialized rescue, and everything in between. Their needs for covering a large area demand more equipment and training.

Please Help Us to Help You

Raising Funds to Bolster Emergency Medical Service and Fire Response:

  • 4 x4 Aid Unit- snow, ice, mud, gravel, off-road, and slippery hills; it allows your ambulance to maneuver tough situations for your safety. $225,000
  • Battery-powered hydraulic Stryker aid unit cot $16,000
  • 50 SCBA – Self-contained complete sets of breathing apparatus, is the foundational tool that provides the greatest amount of airway protection from toxic gas and harmful particulates resulting from fires including motor and commercial vehicles and train derailments. $160,000
  • Mobile SCBA fill station to meet the NFPA standard for containment fill stations to be placed on all new emergency vehicles. $55,000
  • Wildland Brush Truck -most widely used engines in wildland-urban interface fire response because of their versatility, maneuverability, off-road abilities, and fire suppression capabilities $210,000
  • 2000 Gallon Water Tanker/Tender mobile water supply apparatus  $225,000


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