The things we do so others might live….

Life Support Raises $700,000 

Life Support is more grateful than ever for your overwhelming generosity during the 2023 Dinner Auction.  It was wonderful to come together again!  Life Support’s heart has always been the people of our communities, travelers of I-90, and recreational users in the surrounding region. Your safety and well-being are our priority.

Our heartfelt special thanks to (pictured above L-R) Wes and Bernie Ward, Roger and Cindy Jobs, and Dave and Diane Ewing for their generosity in building a Live Fire Division Chief Training Tower.
Hands-on training is the foundation for operating in a fire emergency efficiently and effectively. KCFD7 has an obligation to ensure firefighters are adequately prepared for operations on the fire ground. It takes preparation, training, and implementation to ensure fire ground functions are prioritized and done safely. There is simply no substitute for live fire training. A live fire training structure provides conditions similar to actual fire calls.

Additionally, the tower’s inset corner balcony offers a secure and realistic area to practice rappelling and laddering. Having the integrated rappelling anchor points will benefit the Technical Rope Rescue team in their training evolutions.
Every day, 911 calls are being answered from strokes, heart attacks, commercial trucks and car accidents, fires, trauma, and more. Your generosity makes Kittitas County Fire District 7 better prepared to respond. Because of You, Life Support’s 2023 donors funded:

Specialized equipment, training, and operations for Rope Embankment|Water-Ice Rescues. Thank You! 

Stryker LP 15 Defibrillators. Thank You! 

Two Stryker Lucas 3 Chest Compression Systems. Thank You! 

FAA 107 Drone Operators class. Thank You!

Specialized Extrication Training Course. Thank You!

PTSD Behavioral Health Alliance Training. Thank You!

And so much more…
Because of You, we are better prepared to help those in their time of need. Ultimately, the first responder wants to thank you and tell you how much they appreciate you. Times like these are overflowing with kind, generous, and faith-filled people. Resilience to overcome and a heart to serve others is inspiring. We’re all in this together.

 As we continue to move forward, let’s give “Thanks” to all the EMS/Firefighters in our community around the state and throughout the nation. These men and women are serving us through daily uncertainty, 24/7, every step of the way.  
Thank you, everyone, for your continued support.
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