Highlights Of Accomplishments

Through countless volunteer hours combined with a positive and progressive vision, Life Support’s unwavering commitment is evident.
Each day brings new stories of the extraordinary efforts of our firefighter’s response to 911 calls. Life Support’s efforts to bolster the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are for you. Thanks to generous contributions, all of us are making a difference together.

Holmatro Combi Tool 5160 – equipment to extricate people from crashes

Aerial Ladder Truck

Funding from Life Support built three new strategically located District 7 Fire Stations:

Fire Station 78 State Route 903 Lake Cle Elum /Salmon La Sac
Fire Station 72 North towards Blewett Pass /Hwy 10 and Teanaway
Fire Station 73 Golf Course Road Exit 78 along I-90.

Ice Rescue Water Training And Equipment

Polaris UTV

Provides rescue capability to remote areas. Provides carrying
First Response, Emergency Services equipment, and backboard for patient care. Helps improve response time and reach to areas where trucks or helicopters cannot operate.

Porter NitronoxTMField Unit

Portable, Demand Flow Nitrous OxideThe Porter NitronoxTM Field Unit
Can provide on-the-spot inhalation analgesia, bringing relief to suffering patients at the scene of an injury.

Pro Stair Chair

The Pro Stair Chair is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of operator injury. Independent ergonomic experts found Stair-PRO users had less physical stress and risk of back injury.
The operator position, adjustability of handles, angle of the track, and the built-in descent control made Stair- PRO the safest chair in its product category. Stair-PRO has an innovative Stair-TREAD system that allows medics to transport a patient downstairs without lifting.

MedaSonics® CardioBeat® Doppler with Ultrasound Stethoscope

* Enhanced Detection Mode® increases Doppler sensitivity at the touch of a button, making it easier to screen patients with special needs.
* Heart rate display calculates beats per minute in an easy-to-read format for convenience.
* Consistently detects weak pulses that are not obtainable with conventional auscultation, verifies vessel patency, and screens for venous thrombosis.


It is an integrated breathing air cylinder recharging system.
The system design combines a BAUER high-pressure compressor, BAUER breathing air purification system, air storage system, air management panel, and containment fill station. Two position containment fill stations accommodate SCBA or SCUBA cylinders up to 31″ overall length.

LION V-Force Turnout Gear

LION V-Force Turnout Gear
Takes the best technology from combat and professional sports clothing and applies it to turnout gear. The result is the optimum balance of mobility and protection. LION’s exclusive VFit design makes V-Force more comfortable than common firefighter gear. The NFPA 1971 (2013 edition)- compliant PBI Max outer shell offers firefighters the best combination of break-open and thermal protection, the strongest outer shell fabric in the world, and the most flexible and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen.

LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

The LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator is the standard in emergency care, the most clinically innovative, and operationally effective.

Unimac Extractor Washer Dryer

To thoroughly clean after contamination volunteer responders’ gear. It’s important to the health of every firefighter. This will be the first washer/extractor unit, that will be installed in Station 73 – (along I-90 at Golf Course Rd.)

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging cameras are used by fire departments during emergency incident operations.


Additional Funding Support:

  • Kittitas County Fire District 3 (Easton)
  • Kittitas County Fire District 1 (Thorp)
  • Kittitas County Fire District 6 (Ronald)
  • Roslyn Fire Dept.
  • Cle Elum Fire Dept.
  • Cle Elum – Roslyn Police Dept.
  • Kittitas County Search and Rescue
  • Kittitas County EMS Trauma Council
  • Dr. Kris Nielsen Life Support Scholarship – STEM / Medical Field
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