Highlights Of Accomplishments

Through countless volunteer hours combined with a positive and progressive vision, Life Support’s unwavering commitment is evident. Each day brings new stories of the extraordinary efforts of our firefighter’s response to 911 calls. Life Support’s work to bolster the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is for you. Thanks to so many generous donors coming together each year to make a difference, perhaps the life saved could be your own.

Live Fire Training Tower

Hands-on training for operating in fire emergencies.

There is simply no substitute for live fire training. To meet the need to prepare first responders, KCFD7 has been working with Fire Facilities to determine the best fit for our responders in training.

  • Hands-on training is the foundation for operating in a fire emergency efficiently and effectively.
  • It takes preparation, training, and implementation to ensure that fire ground functions are prioritized and done safely.
  • A live fire training structure provides conditions similar to actual fire calls: Searing heat, Smoke-filled halls and rooms, and multiple floors where victims may be in need of rescue.
  • The “Division Chief’ model of the training tower is the best fit.
  • The maze room, comprised of 12 movable, slide-able, and lockable partitions, allows training officers to challenge trainees time after time by redesigning the room into any configuration.
  • The tower’s inset corner balcony offers a secure and realistic area to practice rappelling and laddering.
  • Having the integrated rappelling anchor points will also offer ease for our Technical Rope Rescue team in their training evolutions.
  • The central location, KCFD7 Station 76 Firehouse Road, offers easy access for full-time staff and volunteers to engage in training without having to leave the district.
  • Additionally, this central location will offer opportunities for neighboring jurisdictions locally to use the facility with oversight from KCFD7 training personnel.

Two Rescue Trucks

Each rescue truck provides rapid response and is equipped with one complete set of electric. Holmatro Combi Tools to extricate people from crashes.

Aerial Ladder Truck

There was an urgent need for an aerial apparatus in the Upper County, where numerous structures are multiple stories in height.

Can you imagine how long it would take for a ladder truck from King County or Ellensburg to respond? Unacceptable.”
Ground ladders cannot reach many of the upper stories and/or roofs.

“Without this new resource, firefighters would have had to engage in low-frequency, high-risk activities, placing themselves at greater risk in trying to save lives and properties.”

Fire Station 78

State Route 903, Lake Cle Elum/Salmon La Sac

Fire Station 72

North towards Blewett Pass/Hwy 10 and Teanaway

Fire Station 73

Golf Course Road, Exit 78 along I-90

Two Lucas Chest Compression Units

Purchased: Two Lucas Chest Compression Units. Shown to improve CPR quality on the move and over long durations. The LUCAS device extends the reach of care by maintaining chest compressions during transport.

LIFEPAK 15 Monitors/Defibrillator

Purchased: Two LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillators providing the standard in emergency care, the most clinically innovative and operationally effective.

Pulse Point App

County-wide Pulse Point App program. Be alerted to sudden cardiac arrest in your surrounding area.

Two Polaris UTVs

Purchased: Two Polaris UTVs to improve the response time and reach remote areas where trucks or helicopters cannot operate. Both UTVs are fully equipped with rescue equipment for patient care.

Ice Rescue – Water Training And Equipment

Training and operations techniques, proper winter rescue gear, and clothing for the cold elements.

Rope and Water Rescue Training

Countless rescues each year throughout the vast recreational lands, lakes, and rivers.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Purchased: Four Thermal Imaging cameras were purchased and are used during emergency incident operations. A game changer in outcomes.

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance Workshops

Helping our First Responders. “An Internal Size-Up Training” – An in-depth FF/EMT behavioral health workshop dedicated to educating attendees on the awareness of stress, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, depression, and anger and addressing suicide and retirement.

LION V-Force Turnout Gear

The best technology that results is the optimum balance of mobility and protection for first responders and the most flexible and comfortable outer shell fabric the fire service has ever seen.

30 Complete Sets Wildfire Gear Plus

Saving a community from a catastrophic wildfire is priceless.

Unimac Extractor Washer Dryer

To thoroughly clean after contamination volunteer responders’ gear. It’s important to the health of every firefighter. This is the first washer/extractor unit installed in Station 73 – (along I-90 at Golf Course Rd.)

Mini Unicus®

It is an integrated breathing air cylinder recharging system.
The system design combines a BAUER high-pressure compressor, BAUER breathing air purification system, air storage system, air management panel, and containment fill station.


Additional Life Support Funding to:

  • Kittitas County Fire District 3 (Easton)
  • Kittitas County Fire District 1 (Thorp)
  • Kittitas County Fire District 6 (Ronald)
  • Roslyn Fire Dept.
  • Cle Elum Fire Dept.
  • Cle Elum – Roslyn Police Dept.
  • Kittitas County Search and Rescue
  • Kittitas County EMS Trauma Council
  • In Memory of Dr. Kris Nielsen, Life Support Scholarship or Community Engagement donor-restricted funds. Kris Nielsen Obituary (1945-2013) – Cle Elum, WA – The Daily Record (legacy.com)
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