Thank You 2023 Donors

Alex and Wendy Bogaard
Always Excavating
Andrew Wilson
Bev Ballard
Bill Amend
Brenda Jensen
Bret and Kelly White
Brett and Callie Nelsen
Bruce and Nancy Gore
Bryan and Cindy Thomson
Cashmere Valley Bank
Charley and Lanora Rosenberry
Charlie and Maura Ball
Chase Powell
Chris and Carrie Ovrid
Chris and Sarah Gourley
Dan and Cathy Lungren
Darla Marshall
Dave and Diane Ewing
Dave and Janet Sandona
Dave and Melissa Ziembicki
Dave and Sarah Houseberg
David and Ann Mann
David and Diane Matthai
David and Jeri Porter
David and Linda Allegre
David Anderson
Dianne Schultheis
Dirk Peterson
Don and Diane Gockel
Don and Lori Watts
Doug and Sandy Malcolm
Dr. Guy Hudson
Duncan and Janet Campbell
Fred Correnti
Geoff Peters
George and Norma Jean Reece
George and Robin Phillips
Gordon and Donna Miller
Greg and Teri Hynes
Jamee Smith
James and Janice Dameron
Jay and Gail Dobberthien
Jeff and Katie Tobin
Jeff and Kim Ursino
Jeff and Monica Myers
Jeremy and Tara Eubanks
Jim and Barb Rodgers
Jim and Barbara Becker
John and Gail Stefani
John and Jeanie Del Gaizo
John and Leslie Dulude
Justin and Stephanie Zipperer
Kent and Laurie Pfeifer
Kerri Caviezel
Kevin Kane – Jake Weber

Kirsten Brunker
Larry and Sue Calkins
Kirsten Brunker
Larry and Sue Calkins
Lars and Debbie Landrie
Lily Ann Herrera
Lorin and Karen Peterson
Lynne Keller
Mark and Angela Craig
Mark Howard
Mark Thorne
Mary Young
Matt and Katie Rossmeissl
Matt Yerbic
Matthew Lundh
Matthew Walker
Michael and Leilani Espitia
Michael and Sigrid Esfeld
Mike and Marilyn Fudge
Milt and Jennifer Hansberry
Mountain Auto Parts
Nathan and Lisa Weis
Noah and Corrine Oliver
Noni Hughes
Pamela Peterson
Patricia Galloway and Jim Schill
Paula Kurtz- Kreshel
Pete and Kathleen Caro
Randall and Rosemary Dixon
Rob and Cheri Marusa
Robert and Sena Lanphere
Robert and Diane Stoneman
Robert Wallace
Roberta Spears
Roger and Cindy Jobs
Sam Houghtaling
Sean and Jennifer Northrup
Sid Morrison
Southside Storage
Steve and Debbie Dowd
Steve and Kathy Hunter
Steve and Rhonda Haney
Steven and Jane Nelli
Stokes Auction Group
Stormy Hayes
Susan Riley
Suzanne Boyd
Suzie Ferguson
Terry and Patricia Jerké Miller
Vickeri Barton
Warren and Jennifer Michelsen
Wes and Bernie Ward
Willettes Towing
William Amend
William and Peggy Willingham

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