Thank You 2021 Donors

Andrew Tabit
Ariel Rogie
Betty Lark and Eliza Stephenson
Bill and Gail Dickinson
Bob Wallace
Bob and Margaret Moore
Brenda Jensen
Brian Cox
Brian Stickney
Bruce and Kim Coe
Bryan Thomson
Cashmere Bank
Charley and Lanora Rosenberry
Charlie and Maura Ball
Chris and Joan Davies
Chris Gourley
Chris Ovrid
CR Floors and Interiors
Dan and Cathy Lungren
Dan and Irene Hunter
Daniel Peterson
Danny Clifton
Darla Marshall
Dave and Melissa Ziembicki
Dave and Diane Ewing
Dave and Janet Sandona
David and Sarah Houseberg
David Anderson
Deborah Gibson
Denise Ingertila
Devin and Amy Casto
Don and Katie Copp
Don and Betty Wilson
Don and Lori Watts
Doug and Sandy Malcolm
Duncan and Janet Campbell
Edward Marshall
Ernie Davis
Fred and Cyndi Correnti
George and Norma Reece
Gordon and Donna Miller
Greg Blum
Greg and Margie OSe
Ira Astrachan
Jeff and Liesl Wilke
Jeff and Lori Hansell
Jim Broadlick
Jon Dulude
John Stefani
John and Liz Remeto
John Ahlers
John and Diane Wells
Josh Mattson
Justin and Stephanie Zipperer
Karl Ohlemann
Kathleen Horner and Brian Kettel
Katie Houdek
Katie Litras
Katie Rossmeissl
Kelly Gregory
Ken and Cindy Richards
Kimberly Ursino
Kirsten Brunker
Kristi England
Larry and Sue Calkins
Lars and Debra Landrie
Leena Haija

Linda Nordstrom
Linett Gahringer
Nathan and Lisa Weis
Ma Lanham Oliver
Marguerite Green
Mark Kantor and Jane Zalutsky
Marvin and Carol Peltola
Mike and Marilyn Fudge
Marilyn Mus
Marla Popejoy
Mikey and Kara Griffith
Mike and Marie Adams
Michael and Shiela Zahajko
Michelle Connor
Michelle Santa
Michael Karn and Irene Bjorklund
Morris and Onti Rosen
Noah Oliver
Noni Hughes
Norm Thomas
Pam Kurtz Kreshel
Pamela Matthai
Pamela Peterson
Patricia Galloway and Jim Schill
Patricia Miller
Paul and Rebecca Bouchey
Perisha Rockwell
Phillip Hopper
RG Bernhardt
Reagan Dunn
Renee Vanous
Richard Breckenridge
Richard Himmel
Rick and Julie Hermanson
Robert and Sena Lanphere
Robert Larse
Rob and Cheri Marusa
Roger and Cindy Jobs
Roger and Ann Beck
Roy and Marivel Ventura
Ryan Risdon
Sam and Claudette Maybo
Shelly Lynch
Sid Morrison
Sidney Rice
Simon Rillera
Stacia Rivera
Stacy Houle
Steve and Deborah Dowd
Steve and Kathy Hunter
Steven and Jane Nelli
Suzanne Beck
Teri Ann Hynes
Terry Ward
Terry and Sue West
Thomas Megargle
Tobias Levey
Tom and Gail Smith
Tony Swortz
Wapiti Office
Warren and Jennifer Michelsen
Wes and Bernie Ward
William Hanson
Willette’s Towing

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