Our 2021 Donor Family

Thank You 2021 Donors

Andrew Taylor
Apex Foundation
Alisha Yonan
Barbara Hodgson
Beth Chandler
Beth Marker
Bill and Paula Clapp
Bill Peare
Bob and Marget Moore
Bob and Penni McLean
Brad and Stacey Heintz
Brandon Williams
Bruce and Kim Coe
Carol Martin
Carol Tibbits
Carrie Heinrich
Cashmere Valley Bank
Charlene Wallen
Charlie and Maura Ball
Cheryl Burrows
Chief John Sinclair
Chris and Joan Davis
Christine Smith
Dave and Diane Ewing
Dave and Janet Sandona
David and Ann Mann
David and Melissa Ziembicki
Dayna John L Scott – Cle Elum
Deborah Buccola
Dennis Melton
Devin and Amy Casto
Don and Betty Wilson
Donnie and Meghan Watts
Dorene Merrill
Doug and Sandy Malcolm
Doug and Sharon Walker
Duncan and Janet Campbell
Earl and Laureen Ross
Ed Kommers
Eddie Jewett
Ellen Jovanovich
Eryn Micallef
Frances Woodward
Frank Chopp – Nancy Long
Fred and Cyndi Correntti
Gar and Karla Hill
Gary and Janet Sanford
George and ShelbyAckley
Gerald and Donna Carollo
Geroge and Norma Reese
Glenn Hoogerwerf
Gordon and Donna Miller
Greg Blum
Gregg Ose
Hans Hingst
Hermanson Co.
Howard Crabtree
Inland Cellular
James Broadlick
James Mothersbaugh
Jan Neli
Jana Burbank
Janice Collier
Jay and Gail Dobberthien
Jeanine Totten
Jeffrey Wolf
Jeri Poter
Jermaine and Marisa Kearse
Jesse Smothers
Jim and Barb Becker
Joe and Jolynn Wallick (NAPA)
John Delaney
John and Valerie Lunn
John Gowan
John Sinclair
John and Dina Wells
Jon Scholes – Erin Moore
Jonathan and Janet Gores
Jonathan Dulude
Judy Stewart
Justin and Stephanie Zipper
Kaley Linton
Karla Essig
Kathleen Rogers
Kathleen Shannon
Kathryn Murphy
Keith McDonald
Kelleher Motor Company
Ken and Cindy Richards
Kevin and Tracey O Brien
Kevin Kane -Jake Weber
Larry and Sue Calkins
Lars and Debbie Landrie
Legends Casino Hotel
Linda Dix
Lois Rivers Beatrice
Lorance Murray
Lori Zwick
Lorin and Karen Peterson
Lynn Ahlers
Lynn Fluke
M J Rucker
Mark and Kelly Schonfeld
Mark Craig
Mark Howard
Mark Kantor – Jane Zulusky
Mark and Agustina Reisman
Medic One Foundation
Michael and Shiela Zahajko
Michael Karns – Irene Bjorklund
Michelle Conner
Mike and Marie Adams
Mike and Sigrid Ensfeld
Mike and Betsy Flynn
Mikey and Kara Griffith
Molly Tollsworth
Michale and Monica Cassidy
Patricia Galloway – Jim Schill
Paul and Kiesha Conan
Paul and Rebecca Bouchey
Pegasus Global Holdings Inc
Perry and MichelleWeinberg
Pettit Family Fund
Philip Boyd
Providence Health & Services
Puget Sound Energy
Randall and Rosemary Dixon
Ray and Sharon Risdon
Renee Hill
Ricardo Lockette
Richard and Janet Eichler
Richard Breckenridge
Richard Smith
Rick and Julie Hermanson
Rick Fersch
Rick West
Rob and Cheri Marusa
Rob Gladstein
Rob Karl – Sprague Israel Giles
Robbins Family Fund
Robert and Linda Torgerson
Robert and Sena Lanphere
Rodney Brown
Roger and Cindy Jobs
Ron Roseman
Roy and Marivel Ventura
Russ Hobbs
Sahily Vellon
Sam Baker
Scott Pickett
Shannon Ravet
Sid Morrison
Sidney Rice
Stephen Brown
Steve and Deborah Dowd
Stu and Kathi Juris
Susan Melrose
Swedish Medical Center and Health Services
Tim and Susan Riley
Tobias Levey
Tom and Susan Miller
TrialSide Homes-Sean Northrup
Vic Wise
W Briann Crews
Wallace Properties
Wapiti Office
Warren Michelsen and Jennifer Michelsen
Wayne and Florence Mohler
Wes and Bernie Ward
Wilke Family Foundation
Willette’s Shell
WoodRidge Custom Homes
Woody Howse

Thank You for drawing prize donations

Bellevue Collection
Carek’s Meat Market
Friends of Life Support 
Glondo’s Sausage Co.
Heritage Distilling Co.
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot 
Seattle Mariners
Seattle Seahawks
Swiftwater Cellars Winery
Village Pizza

Yuan Spa 

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