Thank You 2022 Donors

Barbara Pettit
Barnaby and Barb Peters
Bernard and Jennifer Kramer
Bob and Margaret Moore
Bob and Peggy Haynie
Bryan Thomson
Carla Berg
Carol Ege
Carol Sandsmark
Cary and Nann Henspeter
Cashmere Valley Bank
Charles and Shelly Lynch
Charley and Lanora Rosenberry
Chris and Carrie Ovrid
Cindy Thomson
Colin Ward
Corey Antherton
Craig DE
Dan and Cathy Lungren
Daniel Peterson
Danny Clifton
Darla Marshall
Dave and Janet Sandona
Dave and Sarah Houseberg
David and Ann Mann
David and Britta McDaniel
David and Melissa Ziembicki
David and Pamela Matthai
David Anderson
David Odegard
Dennis and Peggy Willingham
Devin and Amy Casto
Don and Lori Watts
Doug and Sandy Malcolm
Duncan and Janet Campbell
Eli and Arooj Simmonds,MD
Eliza Stephenson and Betty Lark
Ellis and Sarah Nale
Em Precision Concrete -Tim Nemeth
Fred and Cyndi Correnti
George and Norma Reece
Griffin and Tristine Smith
Guy Hudson,MD
Howard and Mary Young
Howard Crabtree and Mariko Ikeda
Jason and Jennifer Bresler
Jay and Gail Dobberthien
Jeff and Lori Hansell
Jennifer Basterrechea
Jim and Barb Becker
Jim and Janice Dameron
Jim and Katie Gaudino
Joey and JoLynn Wallick
John and Liz Remeto
John and Lynn Ahlers
Jon and Leslie Dulude
Joseph and Beth Mcaleer
Joseph Szambelan
Justin and Stephanie Zipperer
Justin Williams
K O’Brien
Kathleen Robertson
Katie Litras
Keith and Suzanne Lewis
Kent and Michelle Pfeifer
Kerri Caviezel

Kimberly Ursino
Kirsten Brunker
Kody and Kelly Vanhoff
Kristi England
Larry and Dana Stauffer
Larry and Sue Calkins
Lars and Debbie Landrie
Lily Ann Herrera
Linda Nordstrom
Lonnie and Lora Mattoon
Lynn Keller
Mardia Sands
Mark and Bobbi Beard
Mark Reisman,MD and Agustina
Mary Formby
Michael and Maggie Green
Travis Nicholson – Megan Schill
Michelle Connor
Mike and Maria Adams
Mike and Marilyn Fudge
Mike and Nancy Kenyon
Mike and Sheila Zahajko
Morris and Onti Rosen
NADA Foundation
Nanci Koss
Nathan and Lisa Weis
Neil Ammentorp
Noah and Corrine Oliver
Nwando Anyoku,MD
Patricia Galloway and Jim Schill
Patrick Deneen
Phil Bivens
Phillip Hopper
PJ Ohashi
Randal Ergler
Richard and Linda Dix
Richard Breckenridge
Rick and Julie Hermanson
Rob and Brenda Jensen
Rob and Cheri Marusa
Robert and Sena Lanphere
Robert Howitz
Robert Larsen
Robert Wallace
Roger and Cindy Jobs
Sahily Vellon
Sam and Shelley Emmons
Scott and Kitty Wallace
Sharon Risdon
Sid Morrison
Sister Susanne Hartung
Steve & Rhonda Haney
Steve and Deborah Dowd
Steve Burk
Suncadia Resort LLC
Susan and Shaleya Martinez
Suzie Ferguson
Terry and Patricia Jerke
Terry and Sue West
Terry Ward
Tim and Christine Smith
Tobias Levey
Tom and Sydney Hodge
Travis and Michelle Santa
Warren and Jennifer Michelsen
Wendy Darcy and John Carney
Wes and Bernie Ward
Willettes Towing

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